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SZF Productions started in 2007 with the idea that artistic high quality videos can make every occasion in your life entertaining to relive.

I worked for many years in various aspects of the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. From acting to directing to editing, I feel my experience has given me a great sense of understanding how moments are uniquely & perfectly captured.

We use the latest High-Definition video technology and audio wireless microphones. I personally edit every video using Final Cut Studio 2 paying close attention to capture the emotion of the day while making an entertaining film worthy of the big screen.

We are based in The Finger Lakes and are extremely excited to be back in this area....you have no idea.


Dear Suzanne,

You and your assistant went above and beyond any expectations we had, a sentiment echoed by all of the compliments we received from our wedding party and guests and everyone who has since seen your masterpiece of a video...Spielberg? Coppola?....Zorich-Feathers? Consider us huge fans! We can’t begin to tell you how comfortable and reassured you made us feel on our otherwise stressful and emotion heavy day. We are so grateful for all of the beautiful moments you captured so gracefully and we look forward to visiting them for years to come. Lucky are those who have the privilege of working with you in the coming year. Cheers!

Chris & Serena


    I just finished viewing Chris and Serena's wedding DVD and I am absolutely thrilled with the work you created.  I don't even know where to start..... the intimate moments captured, the range of emotions portrayed, the happiness shared by everyone -it was as if I were reliving the day again, only this time, I was able to see a lot of what I missed on the actual day.

    You are so talented, Suzanne.  You were able to capture the very essence of what made the day special.  All the highlights and all the joy everyone shared are there on the DVD, yet you were like a fly on the wall - unobtrusive and blending in with the crowd! I still don't see how you managed to record everything!!  Yet you did. 

    I was so excited watching it, that halfway through the DVD,  I had to call Chris in CA  and tell him what a wonderful job you did.  I know he and Serena will love it as much as I do.  How could they not? It's so obvious that you truly love what you do and the DVD  is a very special, very beautiful and very personal  remembrance that Chris and Serena will always have.  Again, thank you so much for a wonderful job.  Watching the DVD is a joy!

~Liz Smith

Hi Suzanne,


Nagen and I want to thank you for all the hard work you put into capturing our wedding day!!  The video is BEAUTIFUL and really captured every important detail and so much more!!  I felt the emotion, the fun, the love, the happiness, the Excitement =))) that I felt that day, when watching my wedding video.  You were very easy going and willing to do whatever it took to get the footage that I had asked of you.  Not to mention you have an awesome sense of humor, great personality and made me laugh throughout the day!  You're truly talented and soooooo enjoyable to work with!  My recommendations for ALL, go to you!!!!!!!!  I wish you the best of luck throughout your career, you deserve it and again THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Best Wishes,

Susan and Nagendra

Dear Suzanne,

Thank you so much for being a part of our special day!  We are so grateful for your professionalism and humor.  You truly put us at ease with the camera and were able to capture "us"!  We really appreciate your willingness to work with us to understand what we were looking for and create something so personal.  We can't believe that you were able to capture our mom's on video, and laughing too - truly a first!!  Throughout the entire process you have been incredibly supportive and helpful and we can't thank you enough!  It is so wonderful that you were able to create a video that we actually love watching and can't help but smile when we do!! 

Thank you for everything!

Toni & Larry


Thank you so much for filming our wedding.  We were looking forward to seeing our wedding day captured on film, but weren't quite prepared to be "wowed" by all the extras.  We were impressed by not just the quality, but the way you displayed our most memorable moments brought tears to our eyes.  Our wedding video will remain one of our most valued keepsakes for years and years to come.


Thanks for the extra special Bonus footage of our mom's spectacular dance moves!


Nicole & Josh Luxon

Dear SZF Productions,

Our video is simply the most amazing work we have ever seen. We were very picky about choosing our wedding Video company and looked everywhere. Many companies were charging two times your price and none of them would have turned out like what we received from you. You gave us exactly what we imagined, even more. We can not thank you enough!

Russ & Michelle

Hey Suzanne!

Our video is awesome!! We love the music choices and you seriously made some good cuts! It wasn’t too long or too short! It’s perfect! I love the ending with the cake too...ha ha ha! When we finished watching it, Chris actually said, “This was worth every penny!” And that’s totally not like him because he didn’t like how much I was spending on wedding stuff, or any other stuff for that matter!!

~Michele & Chris

Hello Suzanne,

I am very grateful to you for your interest and cooperation. I also

thank you very much for sending the DVD to Qatar.  It was really joyful, and, don't

forget you made all the difference with your hearty involvement,

enjoyment, and help. I really liked you very much and respect your help

and cooperation with me. Without you, Suzanne, I wouldn't have this DVD

early.  Thanks again and best regards.

Zeinab Khater

Supreme Education Council

Doha, Qatar

Hey Suzanne!!

FREAKIN AWESOME!!! Thank you so much Sue! The video was GREAT!! I couldn't ever have expected more. Thank you for all the time you put into it. It's such an amazing thing to have to remember the happiest day of my life! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

But... I would have liked a little "star wipe" here and there..... : ))

Michelle & Marley


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